Men’s Style Tip: Winter Socks Guide for Men

Choosing the right winter socks for the cold weather, as well as the right footwear, is essential to staying warm, dry, and of course stylish.

As the temperature dips and everyone prepares themselves for the onset of winter, it’s important to make sure your sock drawer provides you with the options you need to look cool, but stay warm. Everything from material choices, knit style and length can make a difference, so we have curated a selection of London Sock Company styles for your cool weather wardrobe.


Winter socks should be made from thicker cotton, and our Shaken & Stirred styles are the perfect thickness for those colder months, while still being wearable with dress shoes. We use soft, silky smooth Scottish Lisle Cotton yarns, blended man-made fibres for stretch-fit, so each pair of socks combines comfort, colour and durability.

Man sitting on a stool with dark trousers and patterned yellow and burgundy socks

Shaken & Stirred Mustard



Do you want to wear stylish dress socks in winter, but worry about the cold? London Sock Company has several colours of our Simply Sartorial range available in knee-high length, including Earl Grey, East India Saffron, Rich Burgundy and Ebony Black.

Man wearing grey suit, brown shoes, and black socks

Simply Sartorial Ebony Black Knee Highs



Cashmere socks are the most luxurious winter socks you will find. Spun from the softest fibres taken from cashmere goats, it offers all the fantastic warmth of traditional wool socks, but give you the softest, most luxurious feel on your feet.

Our cashmere sock range is crafted by cashmere connaisseurs Johnstons of Elgin, a brand that has created garments in its Scottish mills for over two hundred years. Our cashmere range is available in three beautiful colours: Burnt Orange, North Sea Blue and Slate Grey.

Three cashmere socks in orange, grey and navy



Warm, comfortably soft, highly durable and breathable, our Merino wool socks are ideal for cooler temperatures. Available in navy and red, with classic block colours, stripes and spot styles, this collection is a winter wardrobe staple. 

Striped and spot socks in navy and red

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