We recognise that men can be difficult to buy gifts for.

This is why we’ve dedicated four years to creating the finest range of luxury, stylish sock gifts for men.

Carefully hand-finished in beautiful gift boxes and packaging.

We always promise 100% Sock Satisfaction with all of our products.

Socks are often the last thing we think to buy for ourselves.

Making the gift of quality, stylish socks, the perfect gift you can give us.




Our socks are finely knitted from our luxury Scottish Lisle Cotton yarns.

We promise you quality, comfort, and style that lasts.

Designed here in London, exclusively using the finest materials, skills and craftsmanship in the UK and Europe.

All delicately finished and packaged by hand, before being delivered swiftly and securely to your door.

Shop for your perfect gift today…



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“London Sock Co. are the new King of Socks!”


“The perfect style accessory for time poor professionals”


“London Sock Co. are a must-have for the style conscious gent”


“It still feels like a gift every time your London Sock Co. socks arrive”

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London Sock Co.

Men’s Socks for Christmas

At London Sock Company, we recognise that finding men’s socks for Christmas can be a difficult task. Admittedly, this is partly our own fault for being notoriously bad at communicating ideas or things that we genuinely want for Christmas.

Having said that, most men that we know tend to want for very little when it comes to Christmas gifts. At least, this is what we tell our families and partners – that we don’t want you to worry about us. However, often what we really mean is that we don’t know what it is that we want. Or in other words, we haven’t spent time looking to find ideas for what we might like.

Most of us are strangers to the high street, so unless someone tells us about something they did or received that we liked the sound of (that is, assuming we remember to pass on that idea), it is very much over to you, the gift buyer, to try and find the perfect Christmas gift for us.

London Sock Co. Luxury Gifting

Christmas Gifts for Men

At the London Sock Company, we are here to help. Whether you’re shopping for Christmas gifts for your partner, brothers, dad, or others, it’s our mission to help you find the men’s socks for Christmas that are a perfect fit.

Make your own, or someone else’s Christmas special this year with our designer selection of men’s socks for Christmas.  We believe that unique, quality designer socks are the perfect accessory for gentlemen looking for a distinguished look.

Since we launched our London-based start-up in late 2013, we’ve focussed on little else than perfecting our range of quality sock gifts and gift boxes for men. Four years into our start-up journey, we proudly offer the most extensive range of sock gifts for men available.

From our famous Sock Club Gift Subscription membership, to smaller 3 or 6 pair luxury sock gift boxes, all the way to our grandest selection of 15 pair sock gift boxes, like our Simply Sartorial Collection or Designer Collections.

London Sock Co. Luxury Gifting

Make Luxury Socks the Centre of Attention this Christmas

The age-old stereotype of socks at Christmas-time is that they are the gift that nobody gets all that excited about. We’re happy to say that we’re helping to turn this notion on its head. How do we do this? By offering socks that men with a sense of style can enjoy receiving on Christmas day.

There are a whole host of reasons why our designer socks for men are such a sought-after gift in recent times. One reason is because of how comfortable and long-lasting they are – by using only the very best materials in their production, our designer socks are crafted for comfort and naturally last for the long-term. This ensures that not only do recipients at Christmas get a real sense of value, they also feel as great as they look while wearing our socks.

London Sock Co. Luxury Gifting

Unique Sock Designs to Suit Any Modern Man

With fewer men wearing ties to work, quality, stylish socks are the perfect way to add personality and style to your clothing. Socks are also one item of clothing that men wear almost every day, yet often the last thing that we think about buying for ourselves, let alone asking you to buy us as a gift for Christmas.

The experience of opening a luxury gift box of great socks on Christmas Day is now one that every modern gentleman can be genuinely excited about. For you, the gift buyer, you can be confident that the gift of socks is something the men in your life will enjoy all through the year ahead.

If your loved one likes bright colours and to stand out when they are out and about, consider something striking like our Jacquard Rose socks or our classic Marl Blue socks. Or perhaps they prefer something a little more subtle and classy, like our Jacquard Vert socks. Whatever you choose to give to someone special this Christmas, we’re wholly confident that men’s socks for Christmas will be at the forefront of their favourite gifts this year.

London Sock Co. Luxury Gifting

Order Your Special Gift Online This Holiday Season

Getting first-rate men’s socks for Christmas ordered online and delivered straight to your door should be easy and simple. With that in mind, the London Sock Company put a real effort into making our online catalogue fast, secure, and fuss-free. Delivery is made speedy to guarantee that you receive your designer socks before Christmas day – even during the busy postal service period during the holiday season.

For our customers ordering their Christmas gifts early this year, we are offering a completely bespoke gift design and personalisation service. Simply contact our bespoke team and we will help you design and create your perfect sock gifts. To allow time to make your gifts, we can only offer this until 31st of October, so please don’t delay in contacting our team today.

Thinking about what to buy for a special guy in your life this Christmas? Check out all the exciting sock designs we already have on offer on our online sock catalogue. We’re confident you’ll find the perfect gift for Christmas 2017.


  1. What is the easiest Christmas gift for men?

We might be biased, but we think socks and underwear are one of the easiest Christmas gifts you can buy for men.  It’s an item that we seldom think to buy for ourselves, but that we wear almost every single day.  It’s really enjoyable receiving clothes that others think will look nice on us, rather than us actually going out to buy clothes for ourselves.

Whether it’s a sharp new t-shirt, briefs, or a quality pair of designer socks, it’s always a lovely gift to receive for Christmas.

  1. How do I know if he will like colourful socks for Christmas?

9 out of 10 men no longer wear a tie, so when it comes to dressing sharply for the office, men’s socks for Christmas are the perfect way to add a flash of colour and pattern.  The great thing about socks is that they are far more subtle than a tie, yet do get noticed and are a great focal point of a well-planned outfit. Wearing brightly-coloured and well-designed socks is considered a modern and entirely acceptable way to spice up your professional attire.

Even if colourful socks haven’t typically been something they’ve thought of before, we’ve found time and time again that this changes once they realise how enjoyable it is to wear good quality, stylish socks. We always offer our promise of 100% Sock Satisfaction, so rest assured that whatever sock gift you buy from us, we will always make sure the gift recipient is 100% happy with their new stylish socks.

  1. Are socks the best Christmas gift for men?

Men’s socks for Christmas are absolutely the best gift idea for somebody special. The old sock-gift stereotype has been that they are not an exciting Christmas present.  However with our extensive range of colours and designs, and our unwavering focus on quality and comfort, we are slowly changing things.  We guarantee that if you surprise your loved one with new socks this Christmas, they will be absolutely delighted.

Once they’ve seen the unique design of the luxury socks you’ve gifted as well as having tried them on, your recipient will soon realise that these aren’t your everyday normal socks. We’re sure that many men will consider London Sock Company socks as being their favourite gift this year.

  1. Can men’s socks for Christmas be an exciting gift?

Of course! A pair or two of luxury designer socks for Christmas is exciting. Why? Because socks are always expected for Christmas – but well-designed socks like ours are not.

Our sock designs are truly unique and always crafted for the modern gentleman.  We put real care into the production of each and every one of our products, and this will naturally come across to whoever receives our socks as a gift. Get a man some exciting socks this Christmas, he’ll appreciate it more than you might imagine!

  1. How many new pairs of socks should I buy for Christmas gifts?

One pair of men’s socks for Christmas is great, but why leave it there? One of the most popular choices for Christmas sock gifts for men is our entire sock drawer refresh – our range of 15 pair gift boxes.  Alternatively, why not try a gift card to our fastest growing sock club subscription service.

This unique subscription service sees your loved one receiving a new pair of high-quality designer socks every single month of the year. You can enjoy knowing that they’ll be receiving your Christmas gift all year round!

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