Help us #SockItToCancer

David Gandy Socks It to Male Cancer


Raising money for 'One For The Boys' campaign

We were excited to have David Gandy manning our phone on Monday 20th November taking customer calls and telephone orders, all in aid of charity.

This charitable initiative is in support of  One For The Boys,  a highly deserving cause that educates and raises awareness for all male cancers and promotes the importance of early detection and treatment.

This cause holds a special place in the heart of ‘Britain’s most stylish man’  and London Sock Company co-founder, Dave Pickard, whose father was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. Fortunately, the illness was caught early and Chic is now in full remission, a reminder of the importance of early detection and acting quickly.

It is not too late to support this important cause though. 10% of any purchase made online with code OFTB used at checkout, will receive 10% of that order as a donation from us, on your behalf.


Male Cancer Awareness

One For The Boys

One For The Boys is a male cancer awareness campaign provide awareness and education for men about all types of cancers that can affect them (not just prostate and testicular cancer, but lesser known ones too).

Through the use of hard-hitting campaigns and unmissable events, One For The Boys engages with men to help change male attitudes towards their health.

One For The Boys founder Sofia Davis in 2013 emphasises, “Cancer campaigning has traditionally been geared more towards women. More women do get cancer, but more men die from it. All too often men are taught that ‘being manly’ means never showing any weaknesses, so they are more likely to avoid getting health problems checked out. One For The Boys was created to give men’s health a voice and help stop deaths from cancer that could have been prevented if caught sooner.”

Learn more about One For The Boys.