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The Softest Slipper Socks for Men

London Sock Company’s Slipper Socks take comfort to the next level. Luxury Slipper and Bed socks knitted with the softest materials.

Cashmere and merino wool are both natural fibres with superpowers. Super soft and breathable, they boast exceptional temperature regulation qualities and matchless comfort.

Keep your toes warm and snug in the winter, and comfortable the rest of the year. While cashmere is beautifully light weight, it is three times more insulating than sheep’s wool, ensuring your are cosy in even the coldest weather. Similarly, merino wool is warm and super soft on your skin, but packed with a huge range of high-performance benefits.

Most importantly, if you care for your cashmere and merino wool slipper socks properly, they will be a long-lasting addition to your sock drawer. Cashmere and merino are wonderfully sturdy fibres, so your socks will not stretch, warp, or fade if you care for them well.

Crafted in Scotland

Relax at home in style and comfort

After a long day, cashmere slipper socks are great to relax at home effortlessly while looking great in your feet.

London Sock Company’s slipper and bed socks make great gifts for men. Made in Scotland from the finest quality cashmere, they are a little luxury that will go a long way. Long-lasting socks and great for wearing around the house, they are exceptional value and a gift that will be appreciated by any man.

At a time when we are working increasingly from home, they are the perfect treat for WFH feet. Swap those tired old slippers for a pair of luxuriously soft and stylish cashmere home socks.

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