Colour of the season: January to March 2021

Say hello to yellow

Our choice for colour of the season could really only be one: Saffron. 

A beautifully bold blend of yellow and orange, saffron is an unfailing optimistic pop of colour. Perfect as we look with hope towards all that 2021 has to offer. 

Warm and sophisticated, it brings together the confidence of orange and the creativity of yellow, in a shade that feels cultured, feels cool and feels courageous. Just what we all need. 



The Golden Age

Naturally drawn to this golden shade? Colour theorists would say that you are an optimist. Friendly and easy-going, you’re a bit of an idealist, who doesn’t take life too seriously.

We’d also add that you have great taste.


Bring the bright

Feel like adding even more colour to your life (and your sock drawer)? You’ll find East India Saffron nestled alongside other beautifully bold block brights in our Simply Sartorial collections.


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