Meet the Team

From science geeks and foodies to romantics and world travellers, the team at London Sock Company is as diverse as our socks. Meet the LSC tribe below.


Dave Pickard

I’m Dave, co-founder of London Sock Company. Apparently the most common words I say around the office are ‘big man’ and ‘wee’ (I am originally from Glasgow, Scotland).

I’m a huge fan of science, physics and all things space related. I play several sports including basketball, football and golf. My favourite pastimes at home are cooking, playing guitar, and when I have time, making /breaking things around the house.

I’m genuinely scared of horses. I just think they’re much bigger than me, and I respect that hugely. So I stay away.

Favourite Socks: East India Saffron








Ryan Palmer

Hi, I’m Ryan, co-founder and reigning LSC ‘bake champion’. A self-confessed foodie, my happy place is definitely in a kitchen.  I love any type of adventure whether climbing mountains or travelling to new countries. I’m passionate about leaving things in better conditions than I find them. The state of my desk maybe an exception.

Favourite Socks: Floral Navy and White







Will Wijnberg

Hi, I’m Will, Chief Exec of LSC. I was a long-term subscriber before I joined. What attracted me was the great socks and modern brand. I was sure that Dave and Ryan were onto a great formula which customers would love.

I’m recently married and my best man said that all you needed to know about me is that I love food and exercise, so I normally start there when introducing myself. I also love film, online gaming and Roman History, I am an unabashed geek so love talking about anything interesting.

Favourite Socks: Rich Burgundy




Wholesale Account Manager

Maximus Yeoman

I’m Max and I’m the wholesale account manager here at the London Sock Company. I joined in February 2017, after the guys saw a really successful Christmas, and I’d ran out of decent socks. I love cycling, tennis, travelling and cooking – my favourite city is Melbourne where I lived for a short while, the coffee there is the best I’ve had.

I’m currently attempting to grow my own chillis – 4th year running and still using the word ‘attempting’.

Favourite Socks: Ottaway Slate





Marketing Performance

Jack Richards

My name is Jack and I am a Marketing Performance Analyst and have been working at LSC since August 2017, when I joined after finishing university.

I love travelling and have spent 6 weeks travelling across South East Asia, to my mum’s delight saw me motorbiking along the trusty and well-maintained Cambodian “roads”. In my spare time I’m usually cooking or playing sports. The optimism of the brand and the culture are the two things that drew me to joining and it’s great being a part of the journey.

Favourite Socks: Spot of Style Classic Black






Customer Service

Roshni Aggarwal

Hi I’m Roshni – I’m usually found laughing at my own jokes, drinking coffee and walking on the sunny side of the street. I’m happiest when I’m warm, having a good ol’ sing along to one of my favourite songs and receiving snuggles from my dog Gatsby.

Oh, and I’m a huge romantic, so I’m constantly giving the guys tips on how to woo their partners.

Favourite Socks: Pink Friday









Elliot Hunter

I’m Elliot and I am a Business & Operations Analyst working at London Sock Company. From an Engineering degree background but shameless conversion to working in business like the rest of the cool guys… right? I love travelling to new countries (recently back from spending 10-weeks living in Ghana), making cocktails, running and gyming. I completed a standard distance triathlon last year, after cycling for 40km transiting to the running after – I felt like I had tree stumps for feet. Safe to say I’m not planning on doing another one anytime soon.

Favourite Socks: Marl Grey





Technology Wizard

Paddy Rehill

Instrumental in technological development throughout the ages, creator of the iPhone, the moon landing and rumour has it he built Google. Let’s just say, he knows tech.

Favourite Socks: Highland Heather