how our socks are made

Ever wondered how your socks were made?

Or what makes the difference between a good pair of socks, versus bad?

At London Sock Co. this has become our obsession, so we thought we should share a few highlights...

The material difference...

It all starts with choosing quality yarns

The Finest Yarns

Quality yarns make quality socks

The first step is finding the right quality of material yarn.

Your socks undergo more friction than any other clothing item.

They are also washed and worn frequently.

We only select the finest yarns, to provide the best durability and long-lasting colour.

Sock Knitting

Circular knitting, the finest way

As with any stitch or knot, the smaller and tighter you can make it, the stronger it is.

Consider your sock a cylinder of 1000’s of lines of stitched material yarn.

We use a variety of knitting methods, but always use the highest needle count possible.

220 circular needles all creating a single line of cylindrical sock at a time.

Our modern knitting machines allow us to programme complex patterns, feeding multiple yarn colours into each knitted line at the same time.


The finishing touches...


Adding the logo embroidery

Once each pair of socks has been knitted, finished and checked, it’s important to us that our logo is added.

This signifies the quality of everything we do, making sure you know it’s a London Sock Co. product.

Our skilled embroidery team carefully add our victorian gentleman, leaning against his Penny Farthing.


British Packaging

good things come in nice packages

We don’t just stop at quality socks.

Our packaging is all designed and made here in the UK.

Our range of luxury gift boxes are just as important to us as our luxury socks.

see gift box range

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