London Sock Company’s Commitment to Change

Last week, we paused all activity in order to listen and learn as Black and minority voices across the world shared their anger, their pain and their realities. It has been a time for inward reflection as a business, as a team and as individuals. This isn’t just an American issue. This is global.

As a London brand, we have always held equality and diversity as core values. But we still have more work to do to fight racism; to dismantle the intrinsic inequalities that run through our society.

Social media can become a tick box exercise, a place to quickly show support without looking inward – something that is often uncomfortable – or creating any meaningful, positive changes. This crucial moment in the Black Lives Matter fight, the fight for equality and truth, cannot be fleeting, a trend or a marketing exercise. Our commitment has to be to real, lasting change.

We are not perfect. Our leadership of six people consists of three male and three female members, with one non-white. We need to make sure inclusivity is represented in the leadership team as well as throughout the entire business. Transparency, honesty and accountability are important to us and we must always practice what we preach.

As such, we have come up with an action plan to implement long-term, tangible change to the diversity and inclusivity of our business. We know that these are just small steps on a very long road, but we are committed to the journey.

– Offering annual fashion design paid internships or work experience for designers from ethnic minorities
– Appointing an HR consultant to oversee the development of a more diverse and inclusive workplace (this includes future hiring across both leadership and wider roles)
– Partnering with specific organisations to provide mentoring support to ethnic minorities and fairly paid cross departmental work experience opportunities
– Ensure our model casting and content embody the diversity we are committed to achieving at LSC

We are currently having conversations with organisations and will publish who we are working with as soon as they are confirmed. We want you, our community, to challenge us and hold us accountable. We promise to listen. To keep educating ourselves. To ensure that diversity is truly embedded within our business – our team, the partners we work with, the talent we support and champion. We promise to commit entirely to anti-racism, today and every single day in future.

Thank you for your support.

The Founders and Leadership Team